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Colourful AF

My work is bright, colourful, inspired by nature, storytelling, and the everyday.​ My process is always a mixture of things, whether that is drawing, painting, printmaking, or digital work. It always, always starts in my sketchbook as a drawing though. I love it so much, and keeping a log of my ideas is a really important part of my practise. 

​I think one of my proudest moments as an artist was having my work in the RA Summer show 2022. It was as surreal as it could get. I still think about it sometimes and can't believe it.​ 

Art makes me happy because just looking at something I find beautiful can completely change how I feel within a day. I also get so much pleasure out of making it. It helps me with my mental health, helps me problem solve, and I love using art to tell stories.


"I have a very, very big sweet tooth! If we go to dinner and we aren't having dessert, there's gonna be problems!"


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