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Join us in the coolest new Art Gallery Cafe in Dalston for our debut show 'Throwing Shapes' by artist Sam Peacock.

OPENING PARTY 20th September 6 - 8.30 pm - Sign up for a free ticket HERE

Running from 20th September 2023 to 20th November 2023.


The coolest new Art Gallery Cafe in Dalston is exhibiting for the first time with its debut show 'Throwing Shapes' by artist Sam Peacock, curated by Art Friend. We have adorned the cafe walls with these impressive steel artworks. Sam's work is a mix of oil paint, coffee and varnish which he blow torches to create a beautiful tactile finish. His work stands out from the crowd, not only because of his unique style, but also because you can display his work in your garden as well as inside your home.

The opening party on the 20th will be sponsored by the deliciously good for us JIN JIN Fizz, a crafted enzymatic non alcoholic drink concentrate and sparkling water served iced cold. Get refreshed, hydrated and keep your body happy whilst feasting your eyes on some beautiful artwork with lovely art friends.


Super friendly new cafe in Dalston which serves delicious coffee, pastries and sandwiches. Perfect spot to meet a friend for lunch or to utilise the space to work from. Really beautifully designed with high ceilings and a stylish finish and the perfect backdrop for Art Friend's artists. Join us as they launch their new gallery/cafe space downstairs.

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