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In 2022 Shona Bland created Art Friend as an accessible place to buy art.

An intentionally inclusive, friendly AF, down to earth place to make everyone feel welcome.

No art world jargon or stuffy gallery vibes.

You don't need to know anything about art to know what you like.  Art Friend is here to help you find something you love - oh and to support independent artists!

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'Like it just because it looks nice?'



Affordable art from exceptionally talented Art Friends.

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Learn about Art Friends story.


Eleanor B

Great selection of unusual and affordable art - we bought a couple of lovely pieces. Very friendly service.

Lauren H

Oh wow, absolutely fantastic all round experience!! Got some beautiful artwork and couldn't recommend Art Friend more. Will be coming back for sure!! Would give more stars if I could 😍

Adam B

Met loads of awesome people in a really friendly (not stuffy!) atmosphere, got to see some really cool art and bought something perfect for my new pad. All round top time. Nice one!

Benedict G

Amazing art, fantastic experience all round. 👍

Kathy G

Amazing art in a friendly space <3

Naomi T

Such a personalised experience is rare, particularly when it comes with a lack of ‘salesy’ blurb and just honest, relatable chat. I love that I can browse online to refine (and extend) my wish list of original works. I’ll definitely be buying more from Art Friend in the future!

Had a nice time at an ART FRIEND  event? Please leave us a review HERE

Contact Us

Email:  |  Tel: 07779841878

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